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Sheikh Mohammad Bilal is founder of and, Sheikh Bilal is an SEO Expert in Dubai, A Professional Software Engineer, Google Adwords Certified & Wizard of Tajawal SEO team. Bilal is now in residence at Tajawal which is backed by Al Tayyar as an Expert on On Page & Off Page SEO, and is proficient in technical SEO, SEM, SMO, Business Analytics, and Business Development, having deep knowledge of Google Search Algorithms, being an SEO Specialist in Dubai I know everything from the Keyword Research to Ranking Your Business On top of Google Organic Search Doing Extensive Competitive Research, I also do SEO Probono Consultation, My Top Mentors in SEO World includes Matthew Woodward & Rand Fishkin.

  • Date of birth
    May 21th 1992
  • Languages
    English, Urdu, Arabic
  • Hobbies
    Blogging, Development, Traveling, Gaming
  • Website

I am working in the field of Search Engine Optimization from almost 6.5 Years Now, i have been doing the business development for quite some time now i alter business so that they can grow from organic search.

Being a killer keyword researcher i can pin point the exact business development keywords and rank them ragardless to the competition my ranking strategies are Google Penguin & Panda Safe.

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Keyword Research

I am a killer competitive keyword research, identifying business driving keywords in an instant and analyze the ranking strategy.

Link Building

I have a devised stretegy for link building for aproximately every niche, generating a perfect link building natural environment.

Google Analytics

Being a Google Analyitics Champ, I Master Making strategies & studying traffic behaviour for consistant SERP Ranks.

On-Page SEO

I am proficient in On-Page SEO techniques which are critical to rank in top 10 Searches, as On-Page is becoming more and more important.


In my long Successful journey in SEM and SEO i was invited to several blogs for guest posting and to share new marketing trends and ranking factors.

PPC Campaigns

I have partnered with over 8000 websites and blogs during my extensive journey in Search Engine Optimization.


Bilal is a rock star link builder and then grew with us as he boomed our business hiring this guy means to wake up one day and see unexpected results.

Michelle Anderson - Parner


This guy is just too good, Delivering my 10+ Business keywords within 10 Days and its been three months already, Hats off.

Amit Patel - CEO

Xclusive Yachts

Bilal Grew our Advertising Firm from scratch, i gave him all the decisions and he did all very precisely. Good Luck Habibi!

Hussain Musharbek - CEO


I am his partner, bilal met me in senior year college eventually starting techkhalifa and making part of it this guy is both Ambitious and God Gifted.

Zain-Ul-Abideen - Partner

SEO Consultant



Foundation University Islamabad

Bachelors in Software Engineering


1 Year proir to my bachelors i was blogging and i loved it, when i started my Engineering Degree, I had a whole new view and scope for what i was doing and what will be the future endeavors for me, I became a die hard SEO during my Bachelors and Started My First Marketing Blog.

FG Liaquat Ali Degree College

Higher Secondary School Certification


After 10 years of Schooling in APSAC'S one of the best Schools in Pakistan, I started my HSSC Studies during which my Major was Computer Science

My Weapons In SEO

These skills grew really slowly I had to be patient for a long time by ultimately i achieved unbeleaveable results, i make use of all my abilities to refine my SEO Process.

Keyword Research
SEO Automation Techniques
Content Marketing
Link Building
Link Auditing
On-Page SEO
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I am a Proud Geek, Search Engine and Digital Media Marketing is in my Blood, I am always passionate about my work, i keep myself updated, for every tiny change happening in Search Engine Marketing World.

Thanks for Viewing my Portfolio, if you have any Queries or If you are interested in Hiring Me Fill out this form and i will try my best to reach you ASAP.


Contact me , I am Friendly! I choose marketing over every other thing because of its uniqueness, Many IT people are referring to it as most difficult as marketing and SEO are not Learned Quickly i spend 7 years on this field and never left it when i saw incredible results, if you have any Query please fill out the form below, i will get back to you within One working Day.